The AIH Group is a global collective of companies delivering value-added services in the automotive and related sectors.

The group has a drive to be best in class and has developed a global group of companies with a footprint into diverse markets. We have established a track record of successfully delivering on challenging and complex projects.

With our specialist skills across a range of areas of expertise and with an expanding global footprint, we look forward to engaging with you on projects where we may be of service to you.

Our ecosystem

The AIH Group has developed its “ecosystem” with a consulting and an operations thrust. The collective expertise and experience within the ecosystem enable us to best solve the challenges of our portfolio of international clients.

Our expertise

Our consulting companies specialise in the automotive value chain, economic and sector development, human capital solutions, logistics and supply chain, consulting engineering & industrialisation and construction management.

Our areas of expertise provide mutually beneficial synergy for our clients.

Our operational companies provide production logistics and vehicle assembly services: