The AIH Group is a global collective of companies delivering value-added services in the automotive industry and related sectors.

The group has a drive to be best-in-class and has developed a global group of companies with a footprint in diverse markets. We have established a track record of successfully delivering on challenging and complex projects.

With our specialist skills across a range of areas of expertise, and with an expanding global footprint, we strive to engage with our clients and offer our services on a large scope of projects.

Our ecosystem

The AIH Group has developed its “ecosystem”, with four main pillars, i.e.automotive and industry consulting, sustainable development, operations and regional offices. The diverse expertise and experience within the ecosystem.

Our expertise

Our consulting companies specialise in the automotive value chain, economic and sector development, human capital solutions, logistics and supply chain consultancy, consulting engineering & industrialisation and construction management.

Our areas of expertise provide mutually beneficial synergy for our clients.

Industry and Automotive Consulting

AIH Consulting is an automotive specialist company focusing on a spectrum of disciplines across the automotive value chain.


AIH Engineering manages complex projects from concept, design and industrialisation through to manufacturing system integration and supply.

AIH-BVi International is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm and is registered in The Netherlands. It was formed by the AIH Group and BVi Consulting in September 2022.


EBP Management is a logistics and supply chain consultancy focusing on highly complex operations.

Head-quartered in Melbourne, SAB Projects & Infrastructure Group is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm formed by SPN, the AIH Group and BVi Consulting. SAB Group is proudly Australian and with our access to global resources we offer our efficient and professional engineering and advisory services to the public and private sectors.

The PAC Group SA, a JV between the AIH Group and The PAC Group, is a consulting and process engineering and construction management firm in the automotive industry.

EBP Consulting Eastern Europe, a JV between the AIH Group and EBP Consulting GmbH, operated from Bratislava, Slovakia. It offers the full spectrum of logistics, industry and automotive consulting services across the automotive value chain with a focus on Eastern Europe.


AIH Logistics North is an automotive production logistics service provider for value-adding supply to manufacturing operations.

AIH Logistics provides cost effective independent contract assembly operations in our fully equipped scalable SKD facility.

Sustainable Development

AIH Econogistics specialises in economic and sector development projects with a focus on sector growth.

AIH Human Capital is a strategic partner in the development and growth of organisations through people.

International Offices

Our network of international offices covers a wide global geographic spread and combines a local presence with a key client contact point providing access to the full scope of services in the AIH Group.

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