Mission Statement

AIH is a service orientated business, that works in close collaboration with clients. We aim to develop turn key solutions which focus on the core objectives- development, growth and sustainability – of business operating globally. Our commitment to integrity, research and continual innovation – positions AIH as the specialized partner of choice.

Automotive Industry Experts


Serving all disciplines of the Automotive Industry.

AIH is an Automotive consulting specialist service provider focusing on most disciplines of the automotive value chain. AIH has been instrumental in the establishment and growth of new OEM’s and suppliers both locally and internationally.

Key focus areas include policy & incentives – specialising in policy formalisation, inceptive administration and strategic planning as they relate to sustainability and growth in government.

Primary services include incentive administration and optimization, specialised custom services involving the minimization of duty and ad valorem tax for clients in both the OEM and manufacturing sectors. Government Automotive policy formulation (SADC especially South Africa , ECOWAS , and EAC)

Automotive Business Development and Strategies

AIH is key to the development of viable business cases and/or plans for automotive related industries and activities. AIH has been instrumental in the establishment of new OEM’s and suppliers in South Africa and Africa. Primary services include market, feasibility and business studies that lead to successful business development, market strategies and strategic planning with a focus on sustainability and growth.

CKD & SKD Feasibility and Business Plan Development

AIH specializes in the development of CKD and SKD vehicle assembly business plans for assembly operations. AIH a full service solution from project management through to implementation. Primary services include feasibility studies and business planning, site selection, building & infrastructure planning as well as plant and equipment planning.

Supplier Development and Localization AIH has been instrumental in supplier base development in South Africa. Achieved through through the application of government incentive programs , business cases for new suppliers and the support and establishment thereof, as well as the development of localisation strategies within the government driven ASCCI localization programme. Primary services include product localisation support, market strategies, inceptive program applications, business plan and feasibility as well as building and infrastructure from plant through to equipment planning.

Infrastructure Plant, Equipment Planning and Implementation

AIH plays a key role in the design, planning and implementation of new technology units for OEM’s and new plant programme management.

Primary services include PMO implantation, master facility planning and facility management consulting

Logistics & Supply Chain

AIH partners with its customers in order to provide specialised solutions – focused on the planning, implementation and optimisation of logistics and supply chain systems. Primary services include supply chain management, inbound logistics, intra logistics, outbound logistics, manufacturing and assembly facilities, production and procurement process as well as warehouse logistics centers.

Consulting Engineering for Industrial Projects


AIH has been a key role player in the project management and implementation of various industrial and infrastructure projects for major automotive OEM’s & industries. AIH, in conjunction with relevant partners, has established a global presence in 18 countries and across 7 continents. AIH provide engineering , program and construction management as well as process consulting services to a wide range of OEM’s and Suppliers.

Primary services include conceptual design/renderings and master planning, site selection evaluation and development, front-end and detailed engineering, cost estimating, control and value engineering, EIA services, statutory permitting and approvals, architectural and facility simulations, plant and equipment planning , expediting & Implementation as well as full scale project and programme management.

Engineering & Industrialization


AIH offers several engineering services including but not limited to product engineering, system engineering, process engineering and industrial engineering supported by quality management systems, risk management, audits and training services.

AIH believes that product and company readiness for successful and efficient production are key to the sustainability of a business – AIH specializes in following product from concept through to production. Ensuring that efficient product realisation, cost reduction and business process optimization is achieved through supply chain – from supplier to line side, supplier assessments and selection, supplier industrialisation, manufacturing and assembly processes, jigs and fixtures, tools and equipment, quality control, technology transfer, training, business systems and reporting and production/manufacturing readiness reviews.

Economic Development Projects


AIH focuses on the development of the economic potential of Southern and South Africa – from strategy through to concept and implementation. AIH specializes in business development and improvement support for local and international companies. The AIH team boasts an extensive track record which includes both regional and local experience.

AIH assists small, medium and large companies on both a local and international level -creating innovative, sustainable business and market development strategies. Core competencies and capabilities include operational management, feasibility studies, market research and financial structuring.

Market research

AIH offers an extensive range of quality market research services – providing clients with accurate market intelligence. Industry expertise and resources enable AIH to identify and evaluate new market opportunities, and/or asses the current position of businesses within a given market.

Research services include market analysis, industry reports, competitor analysis, field research and forecasting.

Feasibility Studies and Business Cases

AIH conducts feasibility studies to confirm the viability of new projects – testing and verifying the projected business outcomes and initial business assumptions. In close collaboration with project owners, investors and financial institutions, AIH develops comprehensive business plans aimed at satisfying the requirements of both financial institutions and funders – locally and abroad.

Primary services include feasibility studies, business cases and business plans, benchmarking, market assessments, the development of financial and funding models.

Local and Regional Economic Development

AIH is cognizant of the fact that local and regional trade and economic growth and integration are key pillars of the South African and SADC development agenda, offering extensive experience in local and regional strategy development.

Primary services include project identification and scoping, investment strategy, concept scoping and approval, economic studies, regulatory environment review and analyses, socio-economic impact assessments, stakeholder interaction, strategic integration and implementation plans.

Corridor Development

AIH are specialists in the development of economic corridors as integrated networks of infrastructure – designed to stimulate economic development within a geographical area.

Primary services include advisory services to public and private sectors, economic development, investment and project identification and scoping, infrastructure assessments, impact assessments as well as transport planning.

Logistic & Supply Chain Consulting


In partnership with its customers, AIH provides specialised solutions – with a keen focus on the planning, implementation and optimisation of logistics and supply chain solutions.

Primary services include supply chain management, inbound logistics, intra logistics, outbound logistics, manufacturing and assembly facilities, production management and procurement processes as well as warehouses and logistic centres.

Further to this, AIH delivers the following services via an international network of experienced consulting experts – operating across a wide range of fields on both a local and international scale. AIH also focuses on developing, selecting, supporting and implementation of ERP systems.

Supply Chain Management

In the current global working environment, the effectiveness of supply chain management is a critical success factor to many an organization. AIH’s expertise include the design of flexible supply chains and the application of modern methods for planning and control.

Primary Services include:

  • Development of company specific SCM strategies
  • Design of planning and control processes
  • Development of market supply and distribution strategies
  • Definition of warehousing and inventory strategies
  • Definition of integration strategies for suppliers and distribution partners
  • Introduction of variant management and synchronisation
  • Implementation of end-to-end supply chain optimisation
  • Introduction of lean supply chain management
  • Simulation of process scenarios/supply chain simulation

Factory & Warehouse Planning

AIH provides customised factory and warehouse planning solutions based on the logistical and production needs of its clients.

Primary Services include:

  • Location selection and analysis
  • General development planning (plant structure, building concepts and technology implementation)
  • Layout planning
  • Overall material flow concept, transport infrastructure planning
  • Optimisation of the production control strategy
  • Machine and assembly line planning
  • Planning of the warehouse and logistics centre processes and structures
  • Identifying automation opportunities
  • Definition and design of warehouse, order picking and handling technology (Automated small parts, high-bay and shuttle warehouses)
  • Definition of requirements for warehouse management and control systems and implementation of necessary modifications
  • Warehouse productivity enhancements (reduction in throughput times and increase in the performance indicator “picks per hour”)
  • Optimisation of replenishment concepts and days of inventory

Logistics Planning

Inbound, outbound and in-house logistics are pivotal to the success of logistics management. AIH offers extensive consulting, planning, implementation and practical competency in these fields.

Primary Services include:

  • Assessment of supplier locations
  • Synchronisation of the supply processes with the line-side packaging
  • Definition of call-off and control systems
  • Introduction of JiT/JiS and Kanban supply concepts
  • Coordination of start-up and phase-out control
  • Planning of supply processes for CKD/SKD volumes (supply centres or direct deliveries)
  • Packaging and container planning
  • Conducting of value stream analysis and design for the material flows at the plant or logistics centre
  • Implementation of lean production principles throughout logistics according to the line back principle
  • Implementation of automated materials handling and order picking equipment

Contract Assemblers


AIH is a specialist in semi-knock down assembly operations and offers an accredited (ISO, MIB) operating assembly plant in Dube Trade port South Africa. Primary services include viable business model for the vehicle assembly and vehicle disassembly centre for SKD export.

Human Capital Solutions

AIH provides cost effective Human Capital Solutions services that aim to improve overall business performance. By understanding its client’s needs, AIH delivers smart, effective solutions. Primary services include business strategy and structure development, skills development and training and organisational development solutions defined by organisational culture and/or organisational impact assessments – implemented through a well-developed change management plan.

Production Logistics

AIH provides sub-assembly and sequencing of components from suppliers to OEM’s assembly lines. Primary services include the warehousing and operation of Just In Sequence (Jis), Just In Time (JiT) and component sub-assembly services, transport and line loading at the OEM assembly line.

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