Our focus

AIH Group Americas is an automotive consultancy and production solutions provider. Our focus is on assembly and MOD center services, production logistics solutions, automotive consulting across the full value chain and business case development and inventory and assembly management systems.

Service offering

Assembly and MOD Center Services

AIH Group is a renowned independent contract  assembly and MOD Center service provider. Our focus is on the low volume, niche products assembly market. We are experienced in plant set-up, operations and management. Following our clients, we operate globally to be our client’s assembly  and technical partner.

We provide cost-effective, independent contract assembly operations in a fully-equipped, scalable facility

      • MIB registered and ISO 9000 certified
      • Well-established and managed supply chain from donor plant
      • Bonded warehouse, water test, rattle road and paint repair booth
      • Well-trained staff complement
      • Current average production of 750+ units per month
      • Specialized fitment center
      • Fully integrated IT system linked with OEM

 Production Logistics Solutions

We support our clients with production logistics solutions with fully integrated IT systems

      • Production volume increase
      • Industrialisation of new products
      • Plant and process efficiency improvement
      • Logistics planning and support
      • Quality systems implementation
      • Product quality improvement
      • Facility and layout planning
      • New product production launch support

Automotive consulting and business case development

We are specialists in a range of disciplines in the automotive and manufacturing value chain and our spectrum includes from project feasibility to operational readiness.

    • Business plans and strategies
    • Product industrialization
    • Logistics and supply chain planning
    • Production and launch engineering
    • Production and plant optimization
    • Supplier development

Inventory and Assembly Management Systems

Our inventory and asset management systems keep track from inbound shipments, all through the different processes and to outbound shipments and beyond.


Acceleration of EV Start-ups

We are implementing EV projects for established manufacturers and for disrupters for new vehicles or for entry into a new region


        • Market and Commercial Feasibility
          Market/demand Analysis, Market Access, SWOT Analysis, Local Market Analysis, Regional Market Analysis, Competition, Pricing Criteria, Unit Cost & Case Scenarios, Sales &  Marketing Strategy
        • A Technical Feasibility
          Project Planning, Plant Layout and Design, Implementation plan as well as Cost calculation for establishing a modern CKD-Assembly Plant with all the necessary production segments, technology, equipment & software
        • Product readiness/application
        • A Financial Feasibility – Financial Analysis (IRR, ERR calc & NPV )
        • Strategy and Implementation Plan

    Our expertise

    • We have global expertise working with OEMs as technology & assembly partner
    • Provide a one-stop assembly solution
    • Experienced in industrialization and can optimise production planning
    • Contribute to quickest time to market
    • We have flexibility to adapt to support traditional OEMs and EV entrants
    • Our operations are scalable to meet demand increases
    • We respond to OEM demands in shortest turnaround possible
    • Increase assembly without heavy investment in capex
    • We have experience in supporting new vehicle launch and preparation for market


    • RLE USA
      • Plant efficiency improvements
      • Business systems implementation (GateKeeper)
    • Gateway Bronco USA
      • Plant efficiency improvements
    • Mercedes Benz South Africa
      • Master planning and plant optimisation
      • Plant logistics and warehouse planning
      • Building and infrastructure project management for new vehicle launch
    • Ineos France
      • Supply chain development
    • GreenStreet USA
      • Feasibility & Business Case
      • Industrialisation
    • Nikola USA
      • Packaging design for supply to assembly plant

    Company information

    Robert Kokx

    Company Directors

    PD Naidoo | Dr PJL Fernandes | CJ Cloete | CM Kotze |  AJL De Jager