Our focus

ebp-consulting Eastern Europe focuses on the planning, optimisation,implementation support and accompaniment in operative business.We help companies rise to their challenges competently and reliably ina broad range of key logistics fields. Our broad range of consulting services addresses supply chain management (SCM) issues, inbound ,intra and outbound logistics,    manufacturing and assembly facilities, production management and procurement processes, warehouses, logistics centers and IT systems.

Service offering

Supply Chain Management

  • Design and optimisation of production, supply, and distribution networks
  • Development and implementation of SCM concepts (VMI, CPFR, S&OP)
  • Planning and implementation of supply processes and concepts
  • Design, optimisation & implementation of planning and execution processes
  • Selection of SCM software (APS, ERP)
  • Working capital management.

    Logistics Management

    • Warehouse and factory design
    • Design, optimisation and implementation of on-site material flows and line-feeding concepts
    • Planning and implementation of transport & packaging concepts
    • Tendering of logistics services and partner selection
    • Make-or-Buy analysis and out-sourcing
    • Development of RFID application concepts
    • Selection of logistics software (WMS, TMS).


    • Development and implementation of Lean Manufacturing concepts
    • Design of production and assembly processes
    • Development of capacity planning concepts
    • Optimisation of production planning and execution
    • Development and implementation of Postponement (late configuration) concepts
    • Optimisation of machine change-over
    • Implementation of 5S concepts


    • Optimisation of processes and organisations in procurement and purchase
    • Optimisation of purchase costs
    • Supplier management
    • Optimisation and implementation of sourcing strategies and concepts
    • Purchase controlling
    • Selection of procurement software systems

    Flagship projects

    We combine consulting and engineering with a holistic suite of services. Our teams ensure a smooth transition from strategy development and consulting to concept design and implementation.

    Projects worthy of special mention are:

    • BMW South Africa plant Rosslyn
    • Planning of a new supply concept for VW with a logistics center in Emden, Germany
    • Designs for BMW in a long-term partnership best-in-class supply chain processes (inbound logistics) for new car models
    • Development of the VW logistics strategy 2025 with a future-oriented material flow concept at the plant near Zwickau, Germany
    • Mercedes-Benz Germany/ plant Bremen
    • Design of JIS supply chain concepts for unpainted car bodies for Mercedes Benz
    • BMW-MINI plant Oxford, UK
    • Venture South Africa plant in Rosslyn, Pretoria
    • Key logistics and strategic consultants in the Automotive Supplier Park in Rosslyn, Pretoria
    • Development for Audi of a new material flow concept for small load carriers (SLC) at Neckarsulm, Germany

    Company information

    Kasra Nayabi and Johan de Jager are leading the projects of ebp-consulting Eastern Europe

    Company Directors

    Kasra Nayabi | Dr Paulo Fernandes | Frank Gehr | Johan de Jager